[EP~54] TheREWIND celebrates Daryl Hall’s Birthday Tonight at a special time starting at 6PM ET

Tonight starting at a special time,6 PM ET,we will bring you a Special Edition of TheREWIND celebrating Daryl Hall’s 71st Birthday playing his music starting from his beginnings with his first group back in the mid 60’s called The Temptones,then go to the early 1970’s where he first worked with his longtime collaborator and friend John Oates,a musical partnership that has lasted well over 45 years now. We will also listen to Daryl’s solo efforts going back to 1977 working with Robert Fripp and into the 1980’s and his collaboration with Eurythmics member Dave Stewart,into the 1990’s working with Hall & Oates band member and longtime friend,the late,great Tom”T-Bone”Wolk and into the 2000’s working with John and solo. The fun starts an hour early at 6:00 PM ET for a 4 hour run so sit back and enjoy because today is Daryl Hall‘s Day!!


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