[EP~52] Prog ROCK Invades TheREWIND Sunday October 1st at 7PM ET

This Sunday at 7PM on TheREWIND, we explore the genre of Progressive Rock,REWIND style! We’ll play music from Yes,Supertramp,ELO and The Alan Parsons Project and listen to these groups vast musical styles and sounds. Also since this is the beginning of the month of October,we’ll preview future shows including a big birthday bash on for R&B/soul singer musician-legend Daryl Hall,our 1st “Artist Of The Week” spotlighting Led Zeppelin/Robert Plant and playing the music of One Hit Wonders and the second in our series of Pop Music Across The USA:Southern Rock&Soul. October sounds like a fun filled month musically so lets get this month started in a great way starting at 7PM!


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