[EP~49]WHO IS THIS MAN?!?! Tonight at 7PM ET find out on TheREWIND! Here’s a hint:He produced and wrote a HUGE chunk of hits in the 80’s and 90’s

Tonight at 7:00 PM ET on TheREWIND we will answer the question of who that gentleman is on top of this page but until then,I’ll give you some clues..he produced probably the BIGGEST selling heavy-metal album of all time,produced super-rock/pop band Foreigner’s biggest selling LP,also The Cars biggest selling LP,responsible for making heavy-metal band Def Leppard rock superstars,wrote hit songs for Billy Ocean and Bryan Adams and wrote on of the biggest hit singles of the 1990’s,”All For Love”,sung by Bryan Adams,Rod Stewart and Sting. Still curious? Keep looking on Facebook for clues and the answer but MORE importantly tune in tonight and enjoy all this great music!


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