[EP~44] TheREWIND this Thursday September 7th at 7:00 PM EST pays tribute to Pop Music Legend Steely Dan’s co-founder Walter Becker who passed away on September 3rd

This Thursday on TheREWIND,we’ll listen to the vast music catalog of pop music ICON’s Steely Dan in tribute to the group’s co-founder,guitarist and songwriter Walter Becker who passed away this past Sunday at the age of 67. We’ll hear such songs as “Do It Again” and “Peg” and “Babylon Sisters”,”Any World(That I’m Welcome To)”,”Green Earrings” and much much more. We’ll also spotlight Steely Dan’s input on the career of The Great vocalist/keyboardist Micheal McDonald and how he contributed to the great music that is Steely Dan. Steely Dan is one of my favorite bands EVER so this show will be very difficult to do but we’ll make this into a celebration of life and great music ALL in honor of Walter Becker.


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