[EP~40] TheREWIND//UK tonight’s “All Request” Show via Facebook starting at 7:00 PM UK time//2:00 PM EST US time

Today on TheREWIND//UK , It’s an “All Request” Show via Facebook! It’s simple,you pick a hit song from the 70’s and 80’s and I’ll play it for you.(If I have it..LOL)We’ll also preview our Micheal Jackson Special this Sunday September 3rd which will be heard at a special time,10:00PM/22:00 UK time//6:00PM/18:00 EST~US time and one week from today,Wednesday September 6th, we’ll broadcast a special show as we pay tribute to The Music Of Queen. We’ve got a big week planned and need YOU to be a part of it! So think of a song or artist that you want to hear,let me know via Facebook and I’ll play the hits! See you then!


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