[EP~37] TheREWIND presents..AM GOLD Volume 1 (1967-1977) Tonight at 7:00 PM EST

Tonight TheREWIND proudly presents AM GOLD Vol. 1 (1967-77) a period when Top 40 AM radio was at it’s apex! The very fabric of what kind of music we listened to came from these radio stations and we’ll listen to some of these great hits as we go year after year from 1967 into the early to mid 70’s. From pop,rock,soul,soft rock and more you’ll here the hits you know and love,and DON’T be embarrassed if you hear a song that’s not “cool” enough for your ego(i.e. Barry Manilow,The Partridge Family,The Archies,The Monkees,etc) I won’t tell if YOU won’t tell so get ready to enjoy!!


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