[EP~37] Tonight at 7PM TheREWIND celebrates Madonna’s 59th Birthday and also we pay tribute to Barbera Streisand’s classic 1980 LP “Guilty”

Tonight at 7 PM EST it’s a packed Thursday edition of TheREWIND as we celebrate Madonna’s 59th Birthday(which was actually yesterday).We’ll go back to the beginnings as well as into the 90’s and delve into her vast catalog of hit singles and talk about her setting the standards when it comes to dance music. Also we’ll listen to an album which has by now become a classic! It was 37 years ago that Barbera Streisand released the single,”Woman In Love” from which would become her biggest selling album,”Guilty” co-produced by legendary Bee Gees front man,Barry Gibbs. so it’s a dance-a-thon starting at 7 PM EST so don’t miss it…BE THERE!


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