{EP~233} Tonight at 6PM ET: The PreWind-Great Songs/Great Year 1972//Tonight at 7:00PM ET-HOLLY’s Birthday BASH!!!

Tonight starting at 6PM ET it’s our SUNDAY doubleshot to celebrate our own HOLLY’S BIRTHDAY!!!!

Starting at 6:00PM ET/3:00PM PT on The PreWind with host Bonnie Davis Chiaccio, Bonnie presents to us GREAT Songs from a GREAT Year:1972 which MAY or may NOT be the year a certain birthday girl was born…LOL I’m not tellin’ either way but the songs are fantastic!

Then at 7:00PM ET/4:00pm PT on TheRewind we celebrate our own HOLLY FRYE ORMAN’s Birthday with a HUGE BASH full of all of her favorite artists and songs! And Holly’s got an eclectic taste in music so ANYTHING goes music wise so get ready for ANYTHING as we celebrate someone who is a HUGE part of our station!…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY!!

                                         ~ DJ L ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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