{EP~226} Tonight starting at 6PM ET on The PreWind: Great Family Groups// 7PM ET on TheRewind: One HIT Wonders!!

Tonight starting at 6:00pm ET it’s another great Sunday music doubleheader starting with The PreWind with Host Bonnie Davis Chiaccio and this week Bonnie brings us great songs from different Family Groups. Please join us in our chatroom and listen to classic 70’s and 80’s songs sung by family members!


And starting at 7:00pm ET it’s our flagship show, TheRewind and tonight we bring you artists/groups that are famous for being One HIT Wonders! A TON of classic songs to choose from so get ready to listen to some great songs from the past!

To listen from our chatroom: 

To listen via our website: 

                                                                    ~DJ L ROB!!!!

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