{EP~223} Tonight starting at 6PM ET-The PreWind:Songs About Time//7PM ET-TheRewind: Six Degrees of DARYL HALL

Tonight starting at 6PM ET/3PM PT we have another great Sunday musical lineup!


From 6-7pm ET on The PreWind with host Bonnie Davis Chiaccio, an hour of great songlists created for specific themes. Tonight Bonnie gives us Songs About Time in honor of the upcoming time change. 

Starting at 7pm ET on TheRewind we’ll pay tribute to our October Artist of The Month Daryl Hall one last time but this time we’ll focus on Daryl’s collaborations either via singing,songwriting and or producing and other connections featuring other great artists. 

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So c’mon over and enjoy your Sunday evenings with US!

                                                                 ~DJ L ROB!!!!!

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