{EP~220} Tonight on Rewind Radio: 6-7 PM ET on The PreWind-Tribute to Helen Reddy & Mac Davis//7pm ET on TheRewind: ROCK SKATE ROLL BOUNCE III:RollerDisco!

TONIGHT starting at 6:00pm enjoy a great evening of listening to great music on Rewind Radio Now!

First from 6-7pm ET it’s another great edition of The PreWind with Bonnie Davis Chiaccio. Tonight is a special themed show as Bonnie pays tribute to two great singer/songwriters that recently passed away, HELEN REDDY and MAC DAVIS. 

Then starting at 7:00pm ET/3:00pm PT on TheRewind we put our roller skates on and party Old School style combining great disco music and dance music from the 70’s and 80’s, tonight we ROCK SKATE ROLL BOUNCE III: RollerDisco TIME!!


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A great night music starts HERE!!!

                                                                ~DJ L ROB !!!!!

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