{EP~214} [B-1] Tonight at 7PM ET on TheRewind/Battle of The Artists I: Elton John vs Billy Joel

Tonight at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT on Special Edition of TheRewind……

BATTLE of The ARTISTS I: Elton John vs Billy Joel

Since we’ve had so much success with our Battle of The Albums shows, we’d fiqure we would kick it up a notch to the NEXT level pitting two of the BEST pop musical artists from the 70’s,80’s AND 90’s against each other, Elton John vs Billy Joel! Both of these ICONS have vast hit catalogs and #1 classics that we’ll play back to back! And after a couple of hours YOU get to pick a winner but you can ONLY do it in our exclusive chatroom and NOT on Facebook,simply because I can’t count votes on FB AND DJ the show at the same time so apologies in advance to all that can’t get in the chatroom but please feel free to listen to all the great music from our website  

So get ready to hear some classic music from two true pop music legends, two great piano men TONIGHT! 

May the Battle BEGIN!!!

                                                      ~DJ L ROB!!!!!!!!!!




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