{EP~212} Tonight at 7pm ET: TheRewind Salute To MTV

Tonight starting at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT TheRewind celebrates MTV’s 39th Birthday (August 1st,1981) by playing the great music videos/songs from (c.1981-1987). You’ll hear some of the classic songs that were turned into classic music videos fro =m artists including Michael Jackson,Prince,Duran Duran,Hall & Oates,George Michael/WHAM!,INXS,A-Ha,Peter Gabriel and MANY more. We’ll start of by going year by year starting off circa 1981 and follow thru the years. And ofcourse,if we don’t play YOUR particular video song, please request it during the final hour! This should be a GREAT show for all of our “Original MTV” fans of the early to mid 80’s!!! Hoping to see you all there! I WANT MY MTV!!!

                                        ~”VJ” L ROB!!!!!!!!!

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