{EP~210} Tonight at 7pm ET//YOU Produce The SHOW~The “COVER” Show produced by Bonnie Chiaccio

Tonight starting at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT we bring you our 2nd installment of YOU Produce The Show! and tonight’s show is being produced by longtime listener Bonnie Chiaccio (who also created the name for our pre-show that airs an hour earlier, The PreWindThe “COVER” Show featuring classic original hit songs and their equally (and sometimes better than the original) covers. Bonnie and Holly came up with a HUGE list of GREAT cover songs so we’ll scratch the surface of these great classic cover songs! Special thanks to Bonnie for coming up with a great show topic so let’s get ready to listen to some original music,some songs dating back to the late 1950’s and their classic covers! 

                                       ~DJ L ROB!!!!!!!!!!!

{If you can’t wait for the beginning of TheREWIND please join us an hour earlier at 6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT for The PreWind as we’ll play great 70’s/80’s tunes}

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