{EP~207} Tonight at 7PM ET on TheREWIND/Battle of The ALBUMS IV: GLASS HOUSES vs HI INFIDELITY

Tonight starting at 7:00pm ET on TheREWIND we proudly bring you,Battle of the Albums IV: Billy Joel’s GLASS HOUSES vs REO Speedwagon’s HI INFIDELITY!


This is our 4th installment of our Battle of The Albums as we pit one great album vs another great album and YOU vote which album is better. For those of you who are not familiar with the process in determining the winner of the battle,we’ll play one song from one album then the other song from the other album saving the hit songs from each albums for last and then when all the songs are played you’ll get to vote in our chatroom at immediately afterwards and then whoever gets the most votes wins. Then we’ll spend the rest of the show enjoying more hits from BOTH the artists from their previous albums. So in order to get a feel of each album here’s the TALE OF THE TAPE or stats on each album.

REO Speedwagon-HI INFIDELITY {released 11-21-1980}

~#1-US Billboard 200 Albums Charts,over 10,000,000 units/albums sold(DIAMOND)

~four Top 40 singles including “Take It On The Run”-#5 (GOLD) and “Keep On Loving You”-#1 (2X-Platinum)


Billy Joel-GLASS HOUSES {released 3-12-1980}

~#1-US Billboard 200 Albums Charts,over 7,000,000 units/albums sold(7xPlatinum)

~four Top 40 singles including “You May Be Right”-#7(GOLD) and “It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me”-#1 (2X-Platinum)

So there’s a little bit of information on each album and Tonight starting at 7:00pm ET YOU get to vote on which album wins THIs battle!

                                              ~DJ L ROB!!!!


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