{EP~202} Tonight at 7pm ET on TheREWIND:JukeBox Heroes//80’s-Pop~Country Edition

Tonight starting at 7:00pm ET on TheREWIND we’ll spotlight great Pop/Rock and crossover Pop/Country artists from the 70’s throughout the 80’s with our show series JukeBox HEROES:80’s Rock/Country Edition! The era from the mid 1970’s thru the mid 80’s saw rock songs climb onto the Pop charts and Country songs do the same and we’ll explore BOTH genres! We’ll feature such great artists as Rick Springfield,Charlie Rich,Supertramp,Ronnie Milsap,Billy Squier,Dolly Parton,Loverboy,Juice Newton and MORE!! And of course in our 3rd hour,if YOU have a Pop/rock/country hit song YOU want to hear it’s ALL REQUESTS HOUR! Follow our show on LIVE to chat to fellow listeners and listen to the show! So break out your cowboy hats and air guitars and rock and two steps!!

                                                                   ~DJ L ROB!!!!

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