{EP~201} Tonight at 7PM ET TheREWIND celebrates The BEST Music from 1983!!

Tonight starting at 7:00pm ET on TheREWIND we’ll play the great music from the year 1983! All of those great songs you remember from 1983 (and some you’ve never heard before) we’ll have them right here. With MTV and Top 40 radio stations all in full force,1983 became a banner year for music and we’ll give you a sample of all of this! And in our 3rd hour we’ll have as usual our ALL REQUESTS HOUR,BUT the catch is the requests have to be for either the year 1983 or 1984! So put your thinking caps on and let’s get ready to listen to great music from our past as only WE CAN! Remember to liten AND chat in our new chatroom at !!

                                                            ~DJ L ROB!!!!

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