{EP~197} Tonight at 7pm ET TheREWIND salutes the 2020 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees and Finalists!

Tonight at 7:00pm ET//4:00pm PT on TheREWIND we’ll dedicate the entire show to the 2020 Inductees and Finalists in The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame including new inductees: The Doobie Brothers,Whitney Houston,Depeche Mode, T.Rex and finalists Todd Rundgren, Chaka Khan and Pat Benatar! We’re sure that we will play all of your favorite songs from each of these unique and talented musical legends but if we happen to miss YOUR favorite song in the 3rd hour you can request your favorite song from these artists via Facebook. So please join Holly and myself for comments,song list,and requests. 


[BONUS CONTENT]-If you can’t wait for the start of TheREWIND please join me an hour earlier at 6:00pm ET//3:00pm PT for The PRE-wind,where I’ll be playing random hit songs from the 70’s and 80’s! We’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and we’ve gotten a loyal following! Special shout out to Bonnie,Lisa P. and Fran for tuning in!

                                                               ~DJ L ROB!!!!

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