{EP~196} Tonight at 7PM ET TheREWIND’S Battle Of The ALBUMS III:Eagles-Hotel California VS Fleetwood Mac-Rumours

Tonight at 7:00pm ET on TheREWIND we bring you our 3rd Battle of The ALBUMS and this time we pit two all time classic albums against each other! In one corner we have The EAGLES-Hotel California and in the other corner we have FLEETWOOD MAC’s-Rumours and YOU get to decide which is your favorite album! BOTH albums have sold over 20 million copies with Hotel california having a slight edge selling 26 million copies as opposed to Rumours selling slightly over 20 million albums. they BOTH rank as two of the biggest selling albums of all time and BOTH albums coming out within 2 months of each other. Hotel California was released in December 1976 and Rumours was released in February 1977.We’ll play a song from each album back to back until both albums are played and then YOU decide which album you like best via Facebook. After we declare a winner we’ll enjoy some classic hits songs from BOTH the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. So get ready for some classic music!

                                                                                  ~DJ L ROB!!!!

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