{EP~194} {X-MAS~3} Please join us TONIGHT starting at 6pm ET//3pm PT for our 3rd Annual Christmas Show!

Tonight at a special earlier time 6:00pm ET//3:00pm PT we proudly bring to you our 3rd Annual REWIND Christmas Show! You’ll hear all of your favorite Christmas songs and in a twist from our regular theme from our past Christmas shows we’ll mix in some classic dance music from the 70’s and 80’s for good measure! We hope that you interact with Holly and myself during the show on Facebook for comments,greetings and great memories! As for your song requests we welcome them as always but unlike our normal weekly shows, I only ask that we keep the Christmas songs to the more popular ones that most of the listeners know. This will be our LAST LIVE show of the year 2019 as we will be back on the air with new shows on January 4th. We hope that all of our listeners can at least spend a little time with us to share at least a part of your Holidays! So get ready for some great X-Mas Music with us!

                                                                           ~DJ L ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!

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