{EP~192} Tonight starting at 7pm ET//4pm PT it’s TheREWIND’s Top 40 Countdown for the week ending 12/11/1977

Tonight starting at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT on TheREWIND we bring you another installment of our Top 40 Countdown Series which we’ll count down the Billboard Top 40 songs for the week ending December 11th 1977! All the classic pop hits from 42 years ago you remember we’ll play for you! Please follow the show LIVE on Facebook during the show for the countdown list and comments.(Due to the time constraints from playing the entire Top 40 Countdown list we won’t be able to do requests until AFTER we play the ENTIRE countdown list. I should be able to play some requests after the end of the show) So we have 3 shows left until the end of the year so get ready to enjoy some great music from the mid to late 70’s! Some hits you’ll remember some songs you’ve probably haven’t heard in more than 40 years!

                                                                    ~DJ L ROB!!!!

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