{EP~184} {DH-3} Happy Birthday DARYL HALL!! Join us Tonight at 6PM ET October 13th as TheREWIND presents our 3rd Daryl Hall Birthday Party Show

Greetings REWINDNation,

Happy Birthday Daryl Hall!! The day is FINALLY here! Today at a special time 6:00PM ET TheREWIND celebrates the birthday of one of the station’s favorite and most requested artist,DARYL HALL as we proudly bring you our 3rd Annual DARYL HALL Birthday Show! That’s right,4+ hours of music from Daryl Hall & John Oates, Daryl’s solo works, His collaborations with other artists,Daryl’s songs covered by other artists and MUCH MUCH more! With over 18 studio albums,29 Top 40 singles,six #1 songs and dozens of classic album cuts this show will have EVERYTHING the Daryl Hall fan would love! This is our 3rd Birthday special and arguably our most popular show with the highest volume of listeners so many people will be tuned in! As always please follow Holly Frye Orman and myself on Facebook during the show for song requests(although more than likely we’ll play them anyway,LOL),song lists,comments and great memories. We’ll have more details and trivia and classic Hall & Oates videos on Facebook during the week to hype you up for the show so look out for them! I can’t wait to do one of my favorite shows of the year! And during our show I’ll have a MAJOR PROGRAMMING ANNOUNCEMENT about next week’s show so please stay tuned for that and MORE tonight as we throw the kitchen sink with great Hall & Oates songs!!

                                                                                              DJ L ROB!!!!!!!!!!

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