{EP~174} Tonight at 7PM ET TheREWIND begins it’s Endless SUMMER Nights Series with a look into Yacht Rock’s GOLDEN Years 1974-1985

Tonight starting at 7:00pm ET on  TheREWIND, we return with our 2nd year of our Endless SUMMER Nights Series and in our first installment we start off with a genre of music that had been written off and laughed at in the past but recently has been fiercely embraced and has a VERY loyal following…..YACHT ROCK! We’ll listen to the songs from the genre’s roots in the early 70’s, the beginnings in the late 70’s,it’s zenith peak period from 1980-81 and it’s final bows in the mid 80’s. We’ll play a vast huge selection of artists such as Kenny Loggins,TOTO,Michael McDonald,Steely Dan,Hall & Oates, Ambrosia,Christopher Cross and MANY MANY more!! We’ll also discuss the all important question……..What makes a song a “yacht rock” song? Now,I HOPE we can all respect each other’s opinions and likes on this subject because people can be VERY rigid and blunt when it comes to what songs belong on the yacht rock list and which do NOT! Having said that please follow Holly and I on Facebook during the show for the song play lists,comments,questions and opinions on the genre and the show! I’m personally looking forward to this show and all the feedback that comes with it! SEE you there! 

                             Leslie Robinson aka “DJ L ROB”!!!!!!!

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