{EP~170} Tonight at 7pm ET REWIND RADIO NOW celebrates our 2nd Anniversary with an ALL Request Show!


Tonight starting at 7:00pn ET, our station that plays ALL the hit songs from the 70’s and 80’s celebrates 2 years on the air! Yes for 2 years now we’ve been here playing the music that you rarely get to hear anymore. Whether it’s our flagship radio music show, TheREWIND or our brand new show that airs each Wednesday night at 8pm ET, TheREWIND’s ROCK-N-SOUL Cafe to our “THE BEST OF” TheREWIND show that airs each and brings to you an encore of the Sunday’s previous show and a bonus show from our archives from past shows we’ve done over the past 2 years that airs each Thursday at 2pm ET, we’ve tried to bring to you those hit songs from the 70’s and 80’s(and sometimes the 60’s and 90’s) that you know and love but don’t hear on the radio anymore,we’re here for you! Holly and I are always trying to make the radio station better BUT first and foremost we’re thankful to YOU,the listeners so tonight we make YOU the DJ as you request all of our songs this evening as appreciation for the 2 years you’ve given us as loyal listeners! It should be a fun show so get those request on our Facebook posts while the show is airing and we’ll get them in for you! So lets celebrate the station’s 2nd Birthday together!

                             ~Leslie Robinson aka “DJ L Rob”!!!

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