{EP~167} Tonight at 7pm ET on TheREWIND debuts “I Want My MTV! Series:Year 1983”

Tonight starting at 7:00 pm ET on TheREWIND we introduce a brand new show series,I Want My MTV:1983! The premise of this show is spotlighting the songs and videos that were staples on the MTV Channel in a particular year. Tonight we visit the year 1983,a great year filled with classic videos/songs from artists like David Bowie,Def Leppard,Rick Springfield,Madonna,The Police,Elton John and many many more! Of course we’ll have some great Hall & Oates songs too(BTW Happy Birthday John Oates)! This brainstorm of an idea was our own Co-Executive Producer Holly Frye Orman, who came up with the bulk of our playlist. So if your a fan of those crazy videos/songs from 1983,relive those memories with us tonight at 7pm ET! 


P.S.~Please join us right before the show at 6pm ET as we’ll play great songs from our own birthday guy,JOHN OATES who’s birthday is today!

                                      ~DJ L ROB!!!!

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