{EP~154} Tonight at 7PM ET on TheREWIND we proudly continue our MASTERPIECE Series with The Music Of INXS featuring Michael Hutchence

Tonight at 7:00 PM ET on TheREWIND  brings to you our continuing MASTERPIECE Series with THE Music of INXS featuring Michael Hutchence who’s birthday is next Tuesday(January 22nd)! We’ll follow their music from their beginnings in the early 80’s to their World’s dominance in the late 80’s and early 90’s. We’ll play all of their great hits and also play some rare gems that some have never heard before! Special thanks to our own Holly Frye Orman for producing this gem of a show! Holly came up with tonight’s playlist as well as researching fun facts and bio’s on the band!! Please follow us on Facebook during the show for fun facts,trivia and great memories! This looks to be a classic so tune in!

                                                              ~DJ L ROB!!!!

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