{EP~149} {UK~54} Today at 3PM ET/8PM UK time TheREWIND//UK invites you to our 1st UK Christmas Office Party!

Today at 3:00 PM ET//8:00 PM UK time on TheREWIND//UK we invite everyone to our 1st Christmas Office Party where we’ll mix great Christmas Music mixed in with great dance songs making it a great party show featuring music from Shakin’ Stevins,WHAM!,Phil Collins,Janet Jackson,Hall& Oates,Depeche Mode,David Bowie,Michael Jackson and more! Special thanks to our own producer Claudia May for coming up with this great concept during the holiday season! Please follow us on Facebook during the show for fun facts,trivia and great memories! So get ready,the party starts on time,don’t be late!…..BE THERE!

                               ~DJ L ROB


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