{EP~145} {UK~52} This Friday November 30th at 3:00PM ET/8:00PM UK time we celebrate the great music of QUEEN

This Friday at 3:00PM ET/8:00PM UK time on TheREWIND//UK we dedicate the show to Rock royalty,pop icons,QUEEN as we pay respects to World AIDS Day on December 1st. As many Queen fans know their lead singer Freddy Mercury passed away on November 24th,1991 from complications stemming from AIDS and in his honor we’ll be playing all of Queen’s hit songs along with other crusaders in the fight of coming up with a cure for this terrible disease such as Elton John,David Bowie,George Michael. Special thanks go to our own producer Claudia May who produced this great show. Please join us on Facebook during the show for comments,great memories and trivia! Please join us as we send off November the right way and get into The Holiday season!

   ~DJ L ROB!!

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