{EP~137} {UK~48} Today at 3PM ET/8:00PM UK time on TheREWIND//UK we bring you our latest installment of The PRODUCERS Series:The Magic Of HUGH PADGHAM

Today at 3:00 PM ET/8:00 PM UK-20:00 International time on TheREWIND//UK we continue our salute to the great producers from the 70’s and 80’s with The PRODUCERS Series X: The Magic of HUGH PADGHAM. Hugh has produced or engineered several of the 80’s biggest selling albums including Synchronicity,ABACAB,Ghost In The Machine,H2O,Face Value,Invisible Touch and No Jackets Required. We’ll hear from such great artists as The Bee Gees,David Bowie,Paul McCartney,Genesis,The Police,Hall & Oates,Sting,Phil Collins,The Human League. Special thanks to our own Claudia May for producing today’s show. Please follow us on Facebook during the show for trivia,fun facts and comments. It should be a great show so please keep it tuned!

                                        ~DJ L ROB~

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