{EP~131} {UK~45}Today at 2PM ET \7PM-19:00 UK time on TheREWIND//UK the Ladies take charge cause it’s a GIRL’S NIGHT OUT!!

Today starting at 2:00 PM ET-7:00 PM UK time on TheREWIND//UK it’s ALL about the Ladies as we feature mainly female artists of the 70’s and 80’s! We’ll be listening to great female artists like Diana Ross,Donna Summer,Cher,Cyndi Lauper and the legendary Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin who sadly is in bad health these days! We’ll have a special announcement about A Salute to Aretha next week! Special thanks to our own producer Claudia May for producing today’s show and providing us with a SUPERB playlist! Please follow us on Facebook during the show for comments and trivia and overall fun! We get the ball rolling very soon !!!! So DON’T be late!

                                                         ~DJ L ROB!

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