{EP~126} Tonight at 7PM ET on TheREWIND continues our REWIND Essentials Album Spotlight Series IV with TOTO: IV (1982)

This Sunday at 7:00 PM ET on TheREWIND we continue with our REWIND Essentials Album Series with a true classic LP from one of pop music’s greatest ensembles, TOTO with one of the 80’s most decorated albums, TOTO IV. This classic LP released in April 1982 received 6 Grammy Awards including, Album Of The Year,Producer Of The Year and Record of The Year for the song,”Rosanna”. We’ll hear all ten songs on this fantastic LP as well as other hit songs from Toto. Special thanks to our own producer Holly Frye Orman for suggesting this great LP. Please follow Holly,Claudia and myself on Facebook during the show for comments,trivia and great fun. So get ready to enjoy some great hits right here!

                                       ~DJ L ROB

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