{EP~121} Please join us this Sunday June 24th at 4PM ET/9PM UK time as we proudly present The 2nd Annual George Michael Birthday Music Special

It’s FINALLY here!! Rewind Radio Now proudly presents in honor of his birthday,our 2nd Annual George Michael Birthday Musical Special which airs live Sunday June 24th at 4:00 PM ET/9:00 PM-19:00 UK time. Last year this internet radio station made international headlines as we were one of many radio stations (terrestrial or internet) all over the world that honored the memory of George by playing his great music in celebration of his birthday. That show was not only our most listened to show at that time but we also gained a vast international audience that has now morphed into our second weekly radio show,theREWIND//UK which airs on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM ET/7:00 PM-19:00 UK time. During the show we will listen to some of George’s classic songs along with his great songs with his former musical partner Andrew Ridgeley from WHAM! also his collaborations with Paul McCartney,Lisa Stansfield,Queen,Mary J. Blige and more. And as a special bonus,we will announce a special event to be held in honor of George’s musical legacy to be held right here in Philadelphia,Pa. this September 23rd to be hosted by none other than International recording artist Deon Estus who playing along side of George with WHAM! as their bass player as well as playing on George’s first two solo albums, Faith and Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1 as well as being a member of George’s touring band for his Faith tour. Deon had a massive hit single in 1989,“Heaven Help Me” which was a Top 5 POP/R&B hit and continues to produce and write music. Please follow our producers Claudia May and Holly Frye Orman along with myself on Facebook during the show for live comments,questions and trivia! This is NOT to be a sad event as we are here to celebrate his music and have fun doing so! Having said that,I urge you to get ready for great music,great fun, all for our beloved YOG!

                               ~~~~~Leslie “DJ L ROB” Robinson President/Owner/Producer/Programmer/DJ-host

                                ~~~~~~Claudia May


                              ~~~~~~Holly Frye Orman


                     Rewind Radio

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