[EP~116] {UK-38} Today starting at 2PM ET/7PM-19:00 UK time theREWIND//UK continues with REWIND Essentials Album Spotlight II: Billy Joel-An Innocent Man (1983)

Today starting at 2:00 PM ET/7:00 PM-19:00 UK time,theREWIND//UK brings to you the 2nd of our REWIND Album Spotlight Series and we have a great album to spotlight! Billy Joel’s classic 1983 LP An Innocent Man! This 7X platinum selling album ranks as among Billy Joel’s finest work as an artist as he took a BIG chance as to do a retro LP which the songs had the feel of the late 1950’s and early 60’s. We’ll play all of the hits from this legendary LP along with songs you may never had heard of from this LP and also we’ll play a lot of his classic tunes throughout the years! Claudia and Holly will be on Facebook during the show so please leave your questions and comments there so we can have some fun. Special thanks to Claudia for picking Billy Joel and the LP for today’s show! So please be there as we spotlight one of the 80’s classic LP’s!

                                                          ~DJ L ROB  

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