[EP~113] {UK-36} Today at 2PM ET/7PM UK time- theREWIND//UK’s Chart Topping Series Vol. VI-UK Top 40 Show featuring the Top 40 UK songs for the week ending May 26th,1984

Today at 2:00 PM ET/7:00 PM UK time we continue our Chart Topping Series VOL. VI/UK Top 40 Show featuring the top 40 UK songs for the week May 26th,1984.We’ll feature the music of Rufus featuring Chaka Khan,Bruce Springsteen,Billy Joel,Howard Jones,WHAM!,Queen and much more. Please follow producers Claudia and Holly on Facebook while the show is airing for your comments. This show should be a great companion to our Sunday show as a some of the artist from that show appear on this one! looking forward to a great show!

                                                          ~ DJ L Rob

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