[EP~109]{UK-34} Today at 2:00PM ET//7:00PM UK time on theREWIND//UK it’s our 1st YO! REWIND RAPS Series: RAP=GOLD

Today starting at 2:00 PM ET//7:00 PM UK time on theREWIND//UK we(finally) explore the genre of rap in the 70’s.80’s and 90’s in a series of shows we like to call:YO! TheREWIND RAPS! In our first part we review rap songs from the late 70’s,80’s and 90’s that either were so popular,they went gold or platinum or made the Billboard Top 40. You’ll here legendary rappers/artist like RunDMC,Blondie,Sugarhill Gang,Beastie Boys,MC Hammer,Vanilla Ice,Salt N Pepa and more! Special thanks to REWIND Executive Producer Claudia May for producing today’s show and please follow Claudia,Holly and myself  on Facebook during the show for your input. So lets enjoy those classic rap songs and have some fun also!

                                                                 ~DJ LRob~

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