{EP-124}{UK~42} Today at 2PM ET/7PM UK time on theREWIND//UK we rock with great 80’s HAIR BANDS: Kiss,Van Halen,Billy Idol,Def Leppard,Survivor,Bon Jovi and Whitesnake

Today starting at 2:00PM ET/7:00PM-19:00 UK time on theREWIND//UK we’ll play some great music from some of the best 80’s”Hair Bands,Kiss,Van Halen,Survivor,Def Leppard,Billy Idol,Bon Jovi and Whitesnake. These artist dominated pop music throughout the 80’s with their great hit single which we’ll enjoy. Our own producer Claudia May produced this show. Please follow Claudia,Holly on Facebook during the show for comments and trivia. It should be another fun filled rockin’ show!! 

                                                  ~DJ L ROB

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