{E~178} Tonight at 7pm ET on TheREWIND: I Want My MTV Series Pt.II-1984!!

Tonight from 8-10pm ET on TheREWIND we continue with our 2nd edition of our I Want My MTV series and tonight we focus on the year 1984!! 1984 was a great year not only for music but music videos and we’ll play a chock full of hit songs that became classic videos from artists like Madonna,Prince,Duran Duran,Bruce Springsteen,WHAM!,Hall & Oates,Huey Lewis and The News,Night Ranger and a WHOLE lot more! This show was conceived and produced by our own Executive Producer/Show Coordinator Holly Frye Orman who created this great series for us to enjoy! Please follow the show and playlist LIVE on Facebook during the show for comments,trivia and great memories and don’t forget during our 3rd hour it’s ALL listener’s requests!! This show should bring back some GREAT memories so get ready to go back to the year 1984!!

                                                                         ~”VJ” L ROB!!!!

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