[E-8] Join us tonight from 8-10pm ET on TheREWIND’s Rock-N-Soul Cafe as we cover Crossover hit songs from the 70′ and 80’s!!

Tonight on the next edition of TheREWIND’s Rock-N-Soul Cafe we’ll delve into artists who are mainly known in the rock/pop genre crossing over with some of their songs and having big crossover R&B hits with them! We’ll here songs from artists The Rolling Stones,Rod Stewart,Cher,Elton John,Queen,Tears For Fears and many more! And in our weekly Hall & Oates music segment we’ll spotlight some of their deep album cuts from the 70’s and 80’s!! Some songs you’ll recognize and some songs you won’t believe were on the R&B charts at all,but they WERE! Join us on Facebook to follow our play list and comments! See you there!

                                                                                       ~DJ L ROB!!!!!

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