[E-16] Tonight at 8PM ET on TheREWIND’s Rock-N-Soul Cafe we do 80’s UK Rock-N-Soul!!

Tonight from 8-10pm ET on TheREWIND’s Rock-N-Soul Cafe we’ll celebrate the genre of 80’s UK Rock-N-Soul music! In what many music lovers describe as the 2nd British Music Invasion, UK groups and artists dominated the pop/R&B/dance music scene throughout the 80’s and we’ll spotlight some of them including Sting,Go West,Yazoo (YAZ in the USA),Pet Shop Boys,Level 42,Lisa Stansfield,Thomas Dolby and more! And in our weekly Hall & Oates segment we’ll play selections from Daryl Hall‘s 1986 album Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine which was produced partly in London, England! So if your a big fan of 80’s UK music,you’ll enjoy tonight’s show!

                                                                                             ~DJ L ROB!!!

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