[E-14] Tonight at 8PM ET on TheREWIND’s Rock-N-Soul Cafe YOU are the DJ!! It’s ALL Request Night!!

Tonight from 8-10pm ET on TheREWIND’s Rock-N-Soul Cafe YOU get to program the show! It’s an ALL REQUESTS Night here as YOU request the song on Facebook, I’ll play it for you! That includes our weekly Hall & Oates Segment, any song from Daryl and John from any era,we’ll play it for you. Just go to Facebook, look for our show post and type in any song in the rock and soul genre and we’ll play it for you! So if you have a song you want to hear, I’ll play it for you( IF I have it,LOL!) So tonight YOU’RE programming the show so get ready!!

                                                                           ~DJ L ROB!!!

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