DISCO FEVER Invades TheREWIND/UK Edition this evening at 7:00 pm UK time/2:00 pm EST-US time

It’s a throwback show that will keep you dancin’ well into the night as TheREWIND/UK Edition goes completely Disco and plays some of the genre’s greatest songs starting from the mid 1970’s and going into the end of the decade,Disco created a niche in pop music that STILL resonates to this day. We’ll listen to the music we enjoyed way back when while I discuss with you all how disco music impacted Pop music in the late 70’s,it’s downfall in late 1979,how it impacted Pop music in the 80’s and beyond and it’s return to glory today! The party starts promptly at 7 pm UK time/2 pm EST-US time so breakout your silk shirts,gaberdine slacks,Giorgio Brutini/Florsheim shoes,that Jovan’ Musk and PARTY!!

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