DAVID BOWIE-A TRIBUTE/His music from 1970-2016 on theREWIND//UK on Wednesday February 28th

This Wednesday starting at 2:00 PM ET/7:00 PM UK time,theREWIND//UK will bring you a musical tribute to one of rock music’s TRUE ICON’s, an artist who literally helped shaped not only what we listened to musically but what we visualized …the late David Bowie(1947-2016). We’ll spotlight his musical journey from his beginnings in 1970 with Space Oddity, journey thru his Ziggy Stardust phase,look at his “Fashion-groove” era,his mark on the 80’s,and right up to what would be his last album,a masterpiece…Blackstar. Please join Claudia(who conceived the idea)Holly and myself on Facebook for your comments while we enjoy Bowie’s great music and legacy. 

                                                                      ~DJ LRob

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