A THANK You Message from Leslie and Holly about Last night’s Michael Hutchence/Tina Hutchence Show!

Greetings REWINDNation,

Well Nation,for the second week in a row we’ve made history thanks to all of our listeners! Last week we set a record with 504 listeners for our 3rd Annual Daryl Hall Birthday Show and THIS week we follow it up with 401 listeners for last night’s Michael Hutchence-Tina Hutchence Music/Interview Show and for THAT Holly Frye Orman and I say THANK YOU very much! First a very special thanks to Executive Producer Pamela Haldane who created this project,put this entire process together and most of all contacted Tina Hutchence, the older sister of Michael and author of her new book, Michael,My Brother:Lost Boy Of INXS of which she is in the middle of a nationwide book signing tour. I urge all of you to pick up this book which is available at Barnes and Noble Bookstores and Amazon and to go on Facebook and like Tina’s Facebook page to find out where she will be signing around the USA! Also a special thank you to our own Creative and Programming/Executive Producer Holly Frye Orman for putting all of this together despite dealing with a lot of recent health issues and putting this show together right after she had serious medical surgery just a few days ago! Holly you are the BEST! Also thanks to Tina Hutchence for agreeing to do an interview with us. Tina was very open and engaging and was a joy to interview. We wish her well on her book tour and I hope to visit her when she comes to the Philadelphia area on November 5th! Most of all I would like to thank all of our listeners who loyally listen to our show week after week. What we do every week wouldn’t be possible without you all and for that Holly and I are eternally grateful for our REWINDNation family…..THANK YOU!! We are gaining new listeners every week and that is something that is showing up in the weekly numbers and we appreciate the fact that you take the time out of your busy day to listen to our station! Here’s to more shows and the future….which looks BRIGHT!!

            ~Leslie Robinson-Station Executive Producer/Host-Programmer

            ~Holly Frye Orman-Executive Producer/Program Director/Online Content Producer

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