A SPECIAL Thank you for last night’s Record setting SHOW!!!

Greetings RewindNATION,

Both Holly and I want to thank you for listening to last night’s show! We set a NEW listener record with 594 listeners which tops our previous record of 588 listeners from our Michael Hutchence Special:MYSTIFY ME which originally aired this past April 22! 

This was the first BIG show we’ve had since we got our own chatroom and we welcomed a lot of new listeners! A heartfelt thanks to Holly and all of our regular listeners/chat members who welcomed our new listeners with open arms, I’m very happy and proud to be a part of this great REWIND family! 

And thank you for the song selections that was picked for the show, MANY Daryl Hall(and Hall & Oates fans) know their big hits but I wanted to spotlight their great album cuts from nearly 50 years of great music. We didn’t play ALL of their great songs BUT I like to think we covered MOST of the bases as far as Daryl’s music is concerned.

We had listeners from all over the WORLD listening in last night! The list of countries include Venezuela,Chile,Brazil,United Kingdom,Ireland,Australia,Japan,Canada,and the United States!

For those who didn’t hear last night’s show we will replay choice cuts from the Special this Saturday October 17th at 4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT

Again THANK YOU ALL for being a part of last night’s special show, we made history!

          ~Leslie “DJ L ROB” Robinson, Holly Frye Orman!!!


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