Greetings REWINDNation,

First of all I would like to say thank you to all of you who listened to our special edition of TheREWIND this past Sunday June 25th as celebrated the birthday and the life of a TRUE music ICON,the late George Michael.It was truly a happening as I got to share something special with all of my listeners. I want to give a special thanks to Holly Frye Orman who was the Executive Producer/Musical Director of the show.She had this wonderful vision of celebrating the life and music of George and she brought her vision to me over a month ago.She worked diligently on this special project,overseeing every aspect of the format,from some of the fantastic work that George’s fans (which he called his Lovelies)did for various charities,to picking out specific songs throughout George’s musical career that stood out more than others(some of them even I never heard of and they were absolute gems) and also gathering up fellow George Michael fans from all over to take part in this fantastic happening. Also Holly along with Claudia May,who was also a big player in all of this actually got fans(Lovelies) from the United Kingdom to actually donate to and one of George favorite charities,Comic Relief. Gill Read donated to and Tina Joanne Hindsbo donated to Comic Relief. A special thank goes to both of you for donating to such a great cause and for giving me the special privilege to have both of you introducing two of your favorite songs on the show. I truly was inspired chatting on Facebook while listening to some of George’s wonderful music and at times so emotional I had to literally catch my breath because the words were so hard to come by,I was so filled with sadness and happiness at the same time. I also want to thank all of George’s fans that were a part of the show that were new listeners,I welcome you and hope you ALL make Rewind Radio and TheREWIND part of you permanent listening pleasure. We all bonded on Facebook and shared what we were feeling while listening to George sing as only he can and I just wanted to thank you all for allowing me to be a part of a very personal and moving experience. I like to call what we did this past Sunday “a happening”and I’m so glad you all allowed me to share that with you,I will never forget this.I truly hope we can do this again next June 25th and share these memories again. Again thank you all and a special thank you to Holly for having the vision to put all of this together.                                           

                                                                                                     For YOG



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