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TheREWIND’s 2nd Playlist 4/23/17 show

Fleetwood Mac-Rhiannon/FLEETWOOD MAC 1976

Billy Joel-Just The Way You Are/THE STRANGER 1977

Commodores-Lady/IN THE POCKET 1981

Paul Davis-65 Love Affair/COOL NIGHT 1981

The Fixx-Stand Or Fall[extended mix]/SHUTTERED ROOM

David Bowie-Let’s Dance/LET’S DANCE1983

Fleetwood Mac-Dreams/RUMOURS 1977

Bob Welch-Sentimental Lady/FRENCH KISS 1977

Andy Gibb-Shadow Dancing/SHADOW DANCING 1978

Boz Scaggs-Lido Shuffle/SILK DEGREES 1977

Boz Scaggs-Lowdown/SILK DEGREES 1976

Boz Scaggs-Look What You’ve Done To Me/URBAN COWBOY SOUNDTRACK 1980

Barry White-I Found Love/THE MESSAGE IS LOVE 1979

The Brothers Johnson-Ain’t We Funky Now/BLAM 1978

The Brothers Johnson-Strawberry Letter 23/RIGHT ON TIME 1977

Steely Dan-Hey Nineteen/GAUCHO 1980

The Jacksons-Shake Your Body[Down To The Ground]/DESTINY 1978

Steve Winwood-Roll With It/ROLL WITH IT 1988

Genesis-No Son Of Mine/WE CAN’T DANCE 1991

Peter Gabriel-Sledgehammer/SO 1986

Lisa Stansfield-You Can’t Deny It/AFFECTION 1990

Tears For Fears-Mad World/THE HURTING 1983

The Clash-Rock The Casbah/COMBAT ROCK 1982

The Fixx-Saved By Zero/REACH THE BEACH 1983

Chuck Brown&The Soul Searchers-Bustin’ Loose/BUSTIN’ LOOSE 1979

The Ohio Players-Love Rollercoaster/HONEY 1976

Earth Wind and Fire & The Emotions-Boogie Wonderland/I AM 1979


Kraftwerk-Trans-Europe Express/TRANS-EUROPE EXPRESS 1977

Joni Mitchell-Help Me/COURT AND SPARK 1974

Daryl Hall & John Oates-Halfway There/CHANGE OF SEASONS 1990

Fleetwood Mac-Big Love/TANGO IN THE NIGHT 1987

Kurtis Blow & Run DMC-8 Million Stories/EGO TRIP 1984


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TheREWIND’S 1st Official playlist from Friday’s show 4/21/17

Hey everyone!!

Here’s the 1st playlist from our “LIVE” test run show from last Friday night. Please tell me what you think… you like the songs?……something YOU want to hear?…please let me know by e-mail at I’ll answer EVERY e-mail and your feedback is much appreciated.

The Bee Gees-Jive Talkin/MAIN COURSE 1975

Yvonne Elliman-If I Can’t Have You/SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER SOUNDTRACK 1977-78

Bee Gees-To Love Somebody/BEE GEES 1ST 1967

The Brothers Johnson-Ain’t We Funky Now/BLAM 1978


David Bowie-Golden Years/STATION TO STATION 1976

The Doobie Brothers-Takin’ It To The Streets/TAKIN’ IT TO THE STREETS 1976

Stanley Clarke\George Duke-Sweet Baby/THE CLARKE\DUKE PROJECT 1981

Is It You-Lee Ritenour/RIT 1981

Commodores-Oh No/IN THE POCKET 1981

Daryl Hall(solo)-She’s Gone/CAN’T STOP DREAMING 1996


A Special Thanks!!

I just want to say thank you to all that listened to my 2nd “LIVE” broadcast test run of TheREWIND last night. It was fun even though we had technical difficulties with the mics,that’s why you couldn’t hear my guest co-host Nico S.,co-creator/co-executive producer and co-host of our upcoming show,”Podcast Of Interest” or simply “POI” I’m going to sneak around and slip in a few more “live” test runs all this week so keep hitting us up at and Rewind Radio Show with Host LRob for the times!                                                                                -LRob

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TheREWIND “LIVE” broadcast tonight at 7pm EST Special Guest Co-Host Nico S. Middleton/Co-creator of”POI”

Please join me tonight for another “LIVE” broadcast test run with my guest co-host Nico S. Middleton,co-creator/co-host/executive producer of  POI…..want to find out what POI is? Find out tonight along with the GREATEST songs from the 70’s and 80’s tonight as we talk about POI and enjoy the hits! …at 7pm EST on TheREWIND on TONIGHT!!

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My 1st “LIVE” broadcast test run tonight at 9:00pm est!

Hey everyone,

I wanted to invite everyone to listen as I do my first live broadcast test run. Nothing special,nothing official,just a test run as I get used to using all this equipment in front of me. So  it’ll be bare bones just you and me going into these uncharted waters together. So please listen in to hear my voice for the first time on tonight from 9pm EST until…..



My Book review: Change Of Seasons by JOHN OATES with Chris Epting

Well I just got finished reading Philly’s own legendary singer/songwriter/musician John Oates first book entitled “Change Of Seasons” and I have to say I really enjoyed the book from cover to cover! John details his life from early childhood in New York City and then when he and his family moved to North Wales,Pennsylvania,a northern suburb of Philadelphia. It also covers his famous first meeting with his longtime music collaborator,Daryl Hall. John goes on to cover he and Daryl’s rise to stardom in the early 1970’s,their superstar status in the 1980’s,their cooling off period in the early 1990’s and their return to their roots and redemption in the 2000’s! John is brutally honest about his personal life and his finances and how he went broke in the late 80’s. He and co-writer Chris Epting did a fantastic job chronically covering John’s long music career.I would recommend this #1 Amazon Best Selling Book to anyone who is a fan of Daryl Hall&John Oates. Daryl and John will be playing in Philly on May 27th at Hall&Oates HoagieNation with Tears For Fears!                                                                                                                                         -LRob

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My first post !!!!

Hello everyone,

I would like to thank everyone for checking out my website. This,for me is a dream come true. Although this is the first time I’ve created/produced/hosted my own website/internet radio station,this isn’t my first rodeo into internet radio. My first time sitting in front of a microphone doing internet radio was in 2007 when I was given my own music radio show called Black And Blue on by GTown Radio creator/station manager Jim Bear. I want to thank you,Jim for giving me the chance to live out my lifelong dream,and for a year I did just that! Black And Blue,actually is the genesis for TheREWIND,and I want to thank the people who first started on GTownRadio,the pioneers like Len”Cruze”Webb and Reade McCardell and of course Jim Bear who helped get the station off the ground and running! My second run at doing an internet radio show,albeit a brief run was on I want to also thank host/creator/station manager Dalila Robin for giving me the opportunity to continue what I started at GTownRadio. Although my stay was brief,I truly enjoyed the energy we had there. You can find Dalila Robin every Sunday afternoon from 1pm-3pm on PhillyCAM Radio/WPPM 106.5 FM or at Now that I have the website up and running,it’s just a matter of time before we start doing live broadcasts and start a regular set schedule. I’ll be doing test runs in the meantime,please feel free to enjoy the music from the Rewind Radio Now library. I’ll be posting here nearly everyday so drop by and check me out! I’ll soon have news about another media venture that I’ll be soon involved in,until then enjoy!                 -LRob

local rewind radio now philadelphia
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Internet Radio Station and Its Boom

One of the most exciting developments in the high tech media is the booming of internet radio station. All and sundry can now have the tenacity of making their own webcasts or podcasts. All an individual need to grab is inexpensive sound recording software along with a computer and more importantly internet radio stations.

Internet radio station and its boom-It has been witnessed the majority of the communication firms established the majority of the internet radio stations as internet versions of their own radio stations. It has been established by varied experts that the beauty of World Wide Web is that it provides everyone a chance.

The technological progression-Through this inspirational technological advancement of the internet, you can indeed listen to the smash hits from the concerned location or you can listen to some acid rock of some other areas.

Radio station helps you in selection the type of music-Another approach to look for internet radio stations is you get the type of music that that you prefer. Cities of average size would normally have few different radio stations, but the lineup is often very much similar across the geographical periphery. Finally maximum radio stations are for free and you not have to pay for them.

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Searching The Best Radio Station For Your Business

Numerous commercial set up and varied entrepreneurs do understand the values of advertising. Thereby in order to make their brand very much aware they opt for numerous forms of advertising which includes the ranks of television, print media and internet. One of the most overlooked forms of advertising is through radio. But currently this traditional form is coming back yet again, and individuals must seek for a professional radio station in promoting their brand.

Listed below is couple of approaches which would help you in finding the superlative radio station:

Evaluations of the ratings– Evaluating a particular radio station based on their ratings are very much useful if you are choosing among the centers which cater to humongous amount of populace.  What it does is, it helps you towards making an informed decision as to which of the radio station could best serve as a media of your business.

Carrying out a meticulous research– As you start to find out the best radio station, it is being advised to carry out a meticulous research. You need to be aware of the information that pick up. Make sure that all the ratings that have been carried on before are done by trusted individuals.