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Welcome to, home of The Rewind radio show with host /producer Les”LRob”Robinson who will bring you the best in 70’s and 80’s music. Pop, R&B, adult contemporary, disco, yacht rock, old school rap, all the music that you loved to listen to back in the day.



LRob will take you on a time traveling journey of the mind as you relive all of those hit songs you knew and loved. From now on if you want to experience the greatest music of the past,all you have to do is …REWIND …NOW!!!!

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{RS~35} Tonight starting at 8PM ET on The Rock’n’ SoulCAFE it’s all SMOOTH GROOVES!!

Tonight starting at 8:00pm ET on TheREWIND’s Rock’n’SoulCAFE we’ll put the spotlight on great songs from the 70’s and 80’s that have that special sound,cool rhythms, SMOOTH GROOVES!! What are “SMOOTH GROOVES” ? You’ll know it when you hear it! Some of these songs and artists you know and love but some you’ve never heard but I guarantee you’ll enjoy these great songs! And if the songs we select aren’t “COOL” enough for you,you can pick YOUR favorite SMOOTH GROOVE as our 2nd hour is our ALL REQUESTS HOUR! Of course please follow us in our new chatroom where you can interact with other listeners AND listen in to the show!! So break out that COOL beverage and spend the evening with us at the CAFE!

                                                                    ~DJ L ROB!!!

[And if you can’t wait until theCAFE starts please join me an hour earlier at 7:00pm ET for TheCOFFEEHour as tonight we’ll spotlight great songs from the year 1983 ]

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Tomorrow starting at 8:00pm ET-TheREWIND’s Rock-n-Soul CAFE

We’ll bring to you some great songs from artists you may or may NOT know but the one thing they DO have in common is that these songs have SMOOTH GROOVES! What are “Smooth Grooves”? You can’t really put a finger on it but you KNOW it when you hear it! Are you curious? Tune in to see which songs are seemed “smooth”! and if you disagree, YOU choose the smooth groove YOU like in the 2nd hour which is our ALL REQUESTS hour!


This Saturday February 22nd at 4:00pm ET THE BEST OF TheREWIND

We’ll replay this past Sunday’s St. Valentine’s Day show:Love Is In The Air which we played great love songs from the 70’s and 80’s!

Sunday February 23rd at 7:00pm ET TheREWIND’s 200th SHOW!

We’ll celebrate 200 shows here at the station and Holly and I will play some of our ALL TIME favorite songs from the 70’s and 80’s and in the 3rd hour,you can tell us some of your favorite all time songs during the ALL REQUESTS Hour!

That’s whats happening this week here so please join us!

          ~Leslie Robinson/Holly Frye Orman-Exec. Producers


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Tonight starting at 6pm ET on The Pre WIND we’ll spotlight Genesis 1978-1992

Tonight from 6:00pm-7:00pm ET on The Pre-WIND we’ll spotlight one of music’s most prolific groups,Genesis circa 1978-1992. Phil Collins,Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks compiled quite a musical resume throughout the late 70’s and into the early 90’s and we’ll sample some of their fantastic songs! After that at 7:00pm ET please stay and enjoy 3+ hours of TheREWIND as we bring you great love songs in honor of Valentines Day Weekend! Follow us on to chat with our great listeners during the show AND to listen in! 

                                                      ~DJ L ROB!!!

Les Robinson - The creator & producer