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Welcome to, home of The Rewind radio show with host /producer Les”LRob”Robinson who will bring you the best in 70’s and 80’s music. Pop, R&B, adult contemporary, disco, yacht rock, old school rap, all the music that you loved to listen to back in the day.



LRob will take you on a time traveling journey of the mind as you relive all of those hit songs you knew and loved. From now on if you want to experience the greatest music of the past,all you have to do is …REWIND …NOW!!!!

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Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend this Sunday at a special time,5PM ET as DJ LRob host The 2nd Annual 50+Favorite Songs Show

Spend this Memorial Day weekend listening to REWIND RADIO NOW as we air the 2nd Annual DJ LRob’s 50+ Favorite Songs of All Time Show as I’ll share with you all my favorite songs from the 70’s and 80’s and you can share YOUR songs also! Just type in your favorite song on the Facebook post,just please make sure it’s a popular song from the 70’s and 80’s. It can be in pop,R&B.disco,adult contemporary,smooth jazz,Old school rap,just as long as it’s a song that was popular in one of these genres and from the 70’s and 80’s,if I got,I’ll play it! It should be a fun 5+ hour show,so try not to miss it!…Who knows I might just play YOUR favorite song!!

                                                    ~DJ LRob

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Today at 2PM ET-THE BEST OF TheREWIND~theREWIND//UK Chart Topping Series Volumes: V & VI -Rewind/UK Top 40

Starting at 2:00 PM ET/7:00 PM UK time,THE BEST OF brings you this past Sundays Top 40 show featuring The Billboard Pop Top 40 songs for the week ending May 5th,1984 featuring music from artist like Lionel Richie,Cyndi Lauper,Phil Collins,Madonna,Huey Lewis and The News and more.


And at approx. 5:00 PM ET/10:00 PM UK time,it’s THE BEST OF theREWIND//UK as we spotlight the UK Official Charts Top 40 songs for the week ending May 26th,1984 featuring music from Ultravox,Howard Jones,WHAM!,Duran Duran,Kenny Loggins and more.That’s 6 hours plus of great music from the year 1984!

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[EP~113] {UK-36} Today at 2PM ET/7PM UK time- theREWIND//UK’s Chart Topping Series Vol. VI-UK Top 40 Show featuring the Top 40 UK songs for the week ending May 26th,1984

Today at 2:00 PM ET/7:00 PM UK time we continue our Chart Topping Series VOL. VI/UK Top 40 Show featuring the top 40 UK songs for the week May 26th,1984.We’ll feature the music of Rufus featuring Chaka Khan,Bruce Springsteen,Billy Joel,Howard Jones,WHAM!,Queen and much more. Please follow producers Claudia and Holly on Facebook while the show is airing for your comments. This show should be a great companion to our Sunday show as a some of the artist from that show appear on this one! looking forward to a great show!

                                                          ~ DJ L Rob

Les Robinson - The creator & producer