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Welcome to, home of The Rewind radio show with host /producer Les”LRob”Robinson who will bring you the best in 70’s and 80’s music. Pop, R&B, adult contemporary, disco, yacht rock, old school rap, all the music that you loved to listen to back in the day.



LRob will take you on a time traveling journey of the mind as you relive all of those hit songs you knew and loved. From now on if you want to experience the greatest music of the past,all you have to do is …REWIND …NOW!!!!

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{EP~179} Tonight at 7PM ET TheREWIND continues our AM GOLD Series:70’s Groups

Tonight from 7-10pm ET on TheREWIND we’ll continue with our AM GOLD Series which explores hit music from back in the day when AM radio was THE dominant force in Top 40 music! On this show we’ll feature great 70’s Groups such as The Steve Miller Band, The Doobie Brothers,The Jacksons,The Commodores,The Brothers Johnson,Eagles,The Isley Brothers and MORE! Follow Holly and I on Facebook during the show for the play list,comments and great memories! And in our 3rd hour,listener’s requests!!

                                                                             ~DJ L ROB!!!!

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[E-13] Tonight from 8-10PM ET on TheREWIND’s Rock N Soul Cafe it’s a SMOOTH JAZZ Night!!

Tonight starting at 8PM ET on TheREWIND’s Rock N Soul Cafe we’ll delve into the musical genre of Smooth Jazz, which combines jazz fusion,great horns,stellar vocals and a smooth sound. We’ll feature artists such as Herb Alpert,Chuck Mangione,Grover Washington Jr.,George Benson and more. And in our weekly Hall & Oates music segment we’ll play a few songs from their 1975 breakout album Daryl Hall & John Oates but known to many as “The Silver Album”. Follow us on Facebook for our song list and comments! SEE you all there!!

                                                                                ~DJ L ROB !!!!

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Coming THIS WEEK on (Weekly programming schedule August 21st-25th)


Wednesday August 21st(TheREWIND’s Rock N Soul Cafe) 8-10 PM ET

Join us this Wednesday for the latest edition of TheREWIND’s Rock N Soul Cafe as we delve into the genre of Smooth Jazz with featuring great artists like Herb Alpert,Chuck Mangione,Bob James,Spiro Gyra,The Crusaders and much more! And in our weekly Hall & Oates segment we’ll spotlight songs from their 1975 breakthrough album Daryl Hall & John Oates better known to many as “The Silver Album”!

Thursday August 22nd(THE BEST OF TheREWIND-From TheVault)2-8pm ET

From 2-5PM ET we’ll re-air(Just in case you missed it) this past Sunday’s show (I Want My MTV:1984) which we’ll play classic songs that have classic videos from the year 1984!

from 5-8PM ET we’ll bring you an encore show that originally aired on April 7th presenting our very first I Want My MTV:1983 which features great songs inspired from their classic videos from the year 1983

Sunday August 25th(TheREWIND-AM Gold Series-70’s Groups)

On the next edition of TheREWIND we’ll return with our AM Gold Series which spotlights great artists from the 1970’s and on this show we put the spotlight on the great groups of the 70’s featuring artists like The Doobie Brothers,The Steve Miller Band,The Brothers Johnson,The Jacksons,The Commodores,The Isley Brothers and more!

Please follow us on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter for updates! And remember we’re ALWAYS playing songs for you 24/7!

                     ~DJ L ROB!!!




Les Robinson - The creator & producer