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Welcome to, home of The Rewind radio show with host /producer Les”LRob”Robinson who will bring you the best in 70’s and 80’s music. Pop, R&B, adult contemporary, disco, yacht rock, old school rap, all the music that you loved to listen to back in the day.



LRob will take you on a time traveling journey of the mind as you relive all of those hit songs you knew and loved. From now on if you want to experience the greatest music of the past,all you have to do is …REWIND …NOW!!!!

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RANDOM THOUGHTS from The Captain’s Chair………..

Greetings REWINDNation,

Just MORE thoughts,

TheREWIND on Thursday returns!! Starting this Thursday at 2:00PM ET,we will re-air the previously aired editions of TheREWIND and theREWIND//UK that were done from the previous week,so those of you who can’t tune in Sundays at 7:00PM ET-10:00PM ET or Wednesdays at 2:00PM ET//7:00PM-19:00 UK time,we’ll rebroadcast the past week’s shows starting with TheREWIND starting at 2:00PM ET/7:00PM UK time and theREWIND//UK starting at approx. 5:00PM ET//10:00PM UK time. This way our International listeners get to listen to our National show and visa versa! I hope this can be a great way to catch up on shows you would have regularly have missed. I’m looking forward to see if we get a big response from the NATION!


Our very first Top 40 Countdown show that we did this past Sunday February 18th was a tremendous smash with the listeners! We replayed the Billboard Top 40 songs from the week ending February 4th,1984 and based on the responses we got on Facebook, it seems a lot of you want us to do a particular week/year in music,preferably in the 80’s so please let us know via Facebook or drop us an e-mail here at the station. Special thanks to Holly Frye Orman for being the mastermind behind this great project! Trust me Claudia May,our other VP/exec.producer will be coming up with a UK Top 40 list also. Also kudos to Claudia for coming up with the idea and song list for our recent Disco show! For those of you who didn’t get the opportunity to listen to that great show,tune in this Thursday February 22 at 5:00PM ET as we’ll replay that show!



For this week’s edition of theREWIND//UK,Claudia has a great show brewing, as we go Electro-Funk//Synth-Pop this Wednesday February 21st at 2:00PM ET//7:00PM-19:00 UK time. I’m looking forward to this one!And remember our “BEST of” shows starting this and every Thursday at 2:00PM ET! Well that’s it from me,please as always feel free to send comments and suggestions via our e-mail right here at the station,just look for the envelope tab and go for it! I’ll “SEE” you all on the radio!

                                                  Leslie”LRob” Robinson

          Founder/Production Exec./Host-DJ-Rewind Radio Now

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TheREWIND tonight at 7 PM ET presents our 1st REWIND Top 40 as we play the 40 biggest hits from the week ending February 4th ,1984!

That’s right,REWINDNation,starting tonight at 7:00 PM ET we’ll go back into time and play the Billboard’s Top 40 singles from the week ending February 4th,1984!You’ll hear hits from artist as Duran Duran,Yes,Lionel Richie,Hall&Oates,The Police,Madonna and a whole lot more as we count down the hits from 40 to No.1! Of course Holly,Claudia and myself will be on Facebook while the show’s on so please join us and tell us how you feel about the show and the songs and enjoy a trip back into time….1984!

                                                               DJ LRob

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[EP~88] {UK-25} this Wednesday February 14th theREWIND//UK starting at 2PM ET US//7PM-19:00 UK time presents our Valentine’s Day Music Special-ALL for LOVE

Happy Valentine’s Day REWINDNation,

Starting at 2:00PM ET//7:00PM-19:00,we’ll play all love songs in honor of it being St. Valentine’s Day.Our own VP/producer Claudia May has selected a great song list for the lovers in all of us to enjoy. Also in our final hour of the show,we’ll take your request via Facebook along with Holly playing YOUR favorite love songs. You don’t want to miss this enchanted afternoon/evening all about LOVE!!

                                           ~DJLRob aka “Tha Love Doctor”

Les Robinson - The creator & producer