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Welcome to, home of The Rewind radio show with host /producer Les”LRob”Robinson who will bring you the best in 70’s and 80’s music. Pop, R&B, adult contemporary, disco, yacht rock, old school rap, all the music that you loved to listen to back in the day.



LRob will take you on a time traveling journey of the mind as you relive all of those hit songs you knew and loved. From now on if you want to experience the greatest music of the past,all you have to do is …REWIND …NOW!!!!

Rewind Radio Now - Our Life
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{EP~148} Tonight at 7:00PM ET TheREWIND presents Coffee House Night V: Slow Ballads Classics from the 70’s/80’s!

Tonight on TheREWIND we proudly bring you our 5th Coffee House Night and we’ll spotlight the great slow ballads from the 70’s and 80’s. There are so many artists to name we can’t even mention them all here but you’ll hear all those classic slow songs from back in the day so don’t miss out! Please follow us on Facebook during the show for fun facts,trivia and great memories. Get ready to get mellow starting at 7:00 PM ET!

                                              ~DJ L ROB!!

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LIVE tonight DJ L ROB presents a 6 HOUR Music Marathon~SOLID GOLD

Tonight starting at 7:00 PM ET and going all the way past Midnight,I’ll be playing nothing but hits from ALL genres of music from the 70’s and 80’s! Pop,R&B,disco,easy listening,smooth jazz,yacht rock, we hit them ALL! You can follow me on Facebook throughout the night as I do something I’ve never tried before…broadcasting music for 6 plus hours straight!…on the fly! So spend some of your Saturday night with me as we do just like that old TV series back in the 80’s did,… nothing but SOLID GOLD!

                                               ~DJ L ROB

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{EP~147} {UK~53} Today ay 3PM ET//8PM UK time on TheREWIND//UK we present a UK/USA Slow Jam/Smooth Groove Jam Fest

Today at 3:00 PM ET//8:00 PM UK time on TheREWIND//UK we bring you a UK/USA Slow Jam-Smooth Groove MusicFest! We’ll combine classic slow jams mixed in with mid in with mid tempo R&B grooves featuring artist like Janet Jackson,Toni Braxton,Luther Vandross,Anita Baker,and many more! Special thanks to our own producer Claudia May for coming up with today’s songlist and co-producing today’s show. Please follow us on Facebook during the show for fun facts,trivia and great memories!

                ~DJ L ROB!!

Les Robinson - The creator & producer